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RGMG 6.0 - Season 11

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Totally missed , belated Congrats to Heinz Lohmar for his 1st Goal in the RGMG NHL and also Congrats to Joey Krogh for his 1st Career Points in the RGMG NHL. :)


Further Congrats to Sergei "Bob" Bobrovsky for his 1st Shutout in the Sabres Uniform . :)

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I've got a Tanner Pearson comp in my system, if helps ease the pain of Toffoli retiring.

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14 minutes ago, Nail said:

It looks as if Tyler Toffoli has chosen to retire mid-season, I believe his last game was on December 21st and he is completely gone from the database now. @apollo



LOOOOOL this can't be real... 


Did melnyk just cash in 1.5 billion in insurance? 


WHERE IS MY CUT? :unsure:

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Ottawa Senators call up Jean-Christophe Bozon. Who is now know by the millions as The Jean-Christophian One


Jean will center a line with The Girgensonian One on LW and Mackdaddy-MacEwen on RW 




Toffoli Gate 2025

This scandal has hit us very hard. It appears as though Melnyk blackmailed Toffoli into retirement as he wanted the 1.5 billion settlement... 


Tyler was playing on our PP, PK, and had great chemistry on a line with Kadri and Virtanen. 


However it's time to move on. Move on like the Titans did when Gary Bertierr got hospitalized after his horrific car crash. 


Coach Herman Boones (Denzel Washington) has appointed The Italian Stallion Tyler Bertuzzi to take Toffoli's place on the Kadri line and also his spot on the PK. 


Tyler The Destroyer Myers will take Toff's spot on the PP. 

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