Patrick Kane

RGMG 6.0 - Season 16

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11 hours ago, dough teeth said:

Canucks call up Dominik Knoll 


hope this german is better than valenti


3 hours ago, BoKnows said:

Wild call up Knechtel

They’re in Europe

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The following players are on re-entry waivers until midnight:


FLA Jordan Greenway 31 LW Power Forward Left 1.5 1
LAK Grzegorz Szeliga 26 C Power Forward Right 0.8 1
LAK Elgin Dach 26 C/RW Playmaker Left 0.8 1
DAL Joni Mannstrom 26 RD Standard Right 0.7 1
VAN Iqbal Bhinder 25 C Power Forward Left 0.8 2
NJD Chris Anker 25 LW Playmaker (Finesse) Right 0.8 1
ANA Rafael Casieri 25 LW Finesse Left 0.875 1
TBL Chad Larose 25 C/RW Playmaker Left 0.8 2
CGY Peter Vesely 25 RW/LW All around Right 0.8 1
PIT Jordan Bertrand 25 RW/LW Playmaker Right 0.8 2
ARI Steve Stevens 25 C Sniper Left 0.8 2
  • Sedinery 2
  • Huggy Bear 2

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24 minutes ago, winterhawks said:

Nashville calls up Marwin Zuffi, Milan Roch and Jeff Osorio.

Zuffi in Europe.

  • Haha 3

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