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RGMG 6.0 - Season 16

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Good job team. You did a dandy regular season job in the WOAT division.


Last year we faced @Time Lord and his NYR, narrowly escaping their well oiled engine in a Game 7 OT of the 2nd round thanks to hero Kim Immonen


Times change and heroes often emerge from the shadows...


The Penguins call up Sigi Hauptman, Brody Guhle, Dakota Young and Vasili Marcou to prepare for this war.


We hope reinforcements will not be necessary but we will be prepared for anything. 


Best of luck my amigo @Time Lord

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2028-29 MVP - Rasmus Ristolainen 
2028-29 Leading Scorer - Vitali Kravtsov
2028-29 Most Goals - Vitali Kravtsov
2028-29 Best Defenseman - Rasmus Ristolainen
2028-29 Best Goaltender - Octavian Bumbescu
2028-29 Top Rookie - Phelix Sparks
2028-29 Unsung Hero - Karja Kunjabuhari

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