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Sabres release following Players 


Mark Scheifele

Marko Haggebrink


We thank both longtime Warriors for their efforts they have brought to the Team. Milestone was definitely the Stanley Cup Finals 25/26 .

Sadly we´ll no room for both after the Cap Dropped twice in the past Years. We hope that both Players will find a new Home and wishes them good luck in the Future. 

 The Sabres will set their Focus on upcoming Prospects.

So the 28/29 Playoff participation could be the last for a longer Time. We´ll  see how the Team works with Guys like Burkart and Rangnick. 


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The following players are rated middle 6 / top 4 / elite backup or better and have signed in the NHL for next season:



Alexander Knechtel

Alexey Mukhametdinov

Erik Hermikoski

Dominik Knoll

Luca Laverone

Gokhan Burkart

Elias Leino

Sigi Hauptman

Kirill Dudiev

Bill Hallberg

Lennart Frisk

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The following players are not rated as middle 6 / top 4 / elite backup or better but have signed NHL contracts:



Fredrik Eggert

Peter Onofrej

Henri Kylmala

Eduard Schanitsin

Marko Franzen

Shani Padalino

Cam Bornstein

Elias Hoang

Marcel Schorch

Soslan Ivanov

Haris Olsson

Alexandr Galkin

Alf Abraham

Arsen Matveev

Chris Cullen

Leonid Arziani

Luca Vitkieviez

Zach Grenier

Johann Paganin

Danny Beattie

Alexandr Klimov

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