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RGMG 6.0 - Season 16

Patrick Kane

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Winnipeg Jets Roster

Who needs free agency?

Just need Asian Chicken Pasta Salads


Novak - Eichel - Laine

Ficek - Caha - Noel

Guay - Allbee - Kutty

Pickard - Norris - Halliday


Shpedt - Sobolev

Sharonov - Koloskov

Palmgren - Bouchard





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Some of our prospects didn't progress quite how we wanted them to... going to need to give them a bit more time in the AHL.


New York Islanders Pre-FA Lineup:


Victor Zetterqvist - Oscar Zetterqvist - Maxim Beznyak

Nathan Malmquist - Archie Brodeur - UFA

Ty Thompson - UFA - Beau Polster

Wyatt Newpower - Alex Jacobs - Chad Larose


Rene Kuka - Matus Kubik

Ibrahim Olsson - Miroslav Pecko

Caiden Zacharichuk - Niko Piiroinen


Robert Eriksson

Olle Eriksson Ek




LD - Jaret Fancy (Josh Morrissey) - Elite

RW - Viktor Kovac (Marian Gaborik) - Elite

G - Eric Byfuglien (Connor Hellebuyck) - Elite

LW - Leos Fotr (Martin Necas) - 1st line
LW - Maxime Mifsud (Xavier Parent) - 1st line

G - Brady Thome (Callahan Bornstein) - Starter

G - Charles Froehlick (Samuel Montembeault) - Starter

LD - Jake Redmond (Shayne Ghostisbehere) - Top 2

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Dallas/Helsinki Stars heading into Free Agency:


Tolvanen - Hischier - McGill

UFA - Horton- Puljujarvi 

Kotkaniemi - Ristimaki - Lapierre

Farkas - UFA – Kylmala


Byram – Jones

Regula - Eggert

Pesonen  - Perunovich  


Could look to add a Playmaker/Finesse elite/top line LW though trade.

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Detroit releases the following players to free agency:

Anthony Beauvillier

Iqbal Bhinder

Maxim Williams

Jayson Vichorek

Brandon Carlo

Erkan Nilsson

Matthias Schwarzler


Detroit sends down:

Giordano Lajoie

Jeremy Dzemaili


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20 hours ago, Nail said:

Top 30 G

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1. S:t Cyr Backman (BOS)

2. Tristan Deschamps (MTL)


3. Kosta Kuparinen (EDM) (tie)

3. Lukas Dostal (NJD) (tie)

3. Igor Shestyorkin (NYR) (tie)

3. Ilya Sorokin (ARI) (tie)

3. Connor Hellebuyck (WPG) (tie)

3. Andrei Vasilevsky (TBL) (tie)

3. Alexandr Pugin (DAL) (tie)

3. Matthew Lavallee (NSH) (tie)

11. Ilya Samsonov (WSH) (tie)

11. Matt Murray (OTT) (tie)

13. Carter Hart (PHI) (tie)

13. Terrell Brett (MIN) (tie)

13. John Gibson (VAN) (tie)

16. Joffrey Farmer (CAR)

17. Ghislain Vialle (CHI)


18. Tyler Yelovich (CGY) (tie)

18. Mackenzie Blackwood (STL) (tie)

20. Dmitris Athanasiou (LAK)

21. Doneil Lammie (WPG) (tie)

21. Callahan Bornstein (VAN) (tie)

21. Samuel Montembeault (ARI) (tie)

21. Octavian Bumbescu (BUF) (tie)

21. Rafael Brown (COL) (tie)

26. Thatcher Demko (PIT) (tie)

26. Juan Pablo Reyes (CBJ) (tie)

26. Juuse Saros (CHI) (tie)


29. James Rose (TOR)

30. Mark Reimer (CGY) (tie)

30. Gabriel Watson (MIN) (tie)

30. Danny Abdul-Salaam (DET) (tie)

30. Jonny Backman (FLA) (tie)

30. Jack Ege (NSH) (tie)


Top 10 C

  Hide contents

1. Kyllian Scheidt (CAR)

2. Connor McDavid (WSH)

3. Elias Pettersson (VAN) (tie)

3. Branden Marcoux (TBL) (tie)

5. Salim Kane (MIN) (tie)

5. Milan Roch (NSH) (tie)

7. Auston Matthews (TOR) (tie)

7. Oskar Zetterqvist (NYI) (tie)

9. Matt Choupani (NYR) (tie)

9. Matt Resop (TBL) (tie)


A couple nice surprises in the top player rankings!

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