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RGMG 6.0 - Season 16

Patrick Kane

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CLB    Vincenzo Arora    25    RW    Playmaker (Finesse)    Right    Tyler Ennis    1.25    1
FLA    Oskar Lindblom    35    LW/RW    Finesse    Left    NULL    1    1
PHI    Nic Williamson    25    LW    Finesse    Left    Hunter Shinkaruk    1    1
BUF    Detlef Ritter    27    LD/RD    Defensive    Left    Korbinian Holzer    0.8    2
CHI    Vaclav Sedlacek    26    C/RW/LW    Power Forward    Left    Pavel Zacha    0.8    1
NSH    Magnus Larsson    26    LD    Standard    Right    Jacob Larsson    0.8    1
NJD    William Turris    25    RW    Finesse    Left    Michael Dal Colle    0.8    2
NSH    Keegan Scott    25    C/RW/LW    Playmaker    Left    Nick Merkley    0.8    1
CLB    Marshall Joly    25    C/LW    Defensive    Left    Derek Grant    0.8    2
LAK    Sean Myer    25    RD    Playmaker    Right    Matt Donovan    0.8    1
DAL    Joni Mannstrom    29    RD    Standard    Right    Jani Hakanpaa    0.7    1
NJD    Philip Hansen    27    RW/C    Playmaker    Right    Nicklas Jensen    0.7    1
OTT    Brenden Caranci    25    C    Playmaker (Physical)    Right    Nick Cousins    0.7    1
PHI    Michael Pickering    25    LD    Offensive    Left    Jeff Taylor    0.7    1
NJD    Jonathan Skapski    25    LD/RD    Playmaker (Finesse)    Right    Nicolas Beaudin    0.7    1
NSH    Elias Lehtinen    25    LD    Standard    Left    Ville Pokka    0.7    2
DAL    Arttu Savolainen    25    LD/RD    Standard    Left    Juuso Vainio    0.7    1
STL    Jordan Staub    25    G    Acrobatic style    Left    Jon Gillies    0.7    1

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RGMG 6.0 2031/32 Projected Buffalo Sabres Roster 


Karja Kunjabuhari - Lukas Rangnick - Tim Ikpide

Phelix Sparks - Mario Colonnello - Gökhan Burkart

Vitali Kravtsov - Grant Thurber - Dru Walters

Ofta Postenin - Clint Robillard - Pranab Singh

Trevor Watts - Shani Padalino


Fredrik Möller - Maxim Dubchak

Heinz Lohmar- Rasmus Ristolainen

David Topping - Ben Ballhorn

Erwan Mifsud


Octavian Bumbescu

Darien Franche (Leandro Danner)


With the arrival of Leondro Danner the Sabres are looking to move Backup Darien Franche . We liked what we saw 

from Darien Franche  last Season but bringing up Leoandro to the Roster ASAP is our priority. If didnt get Darien moved , the Team

may Starts the Season with 3 Goalies. 

Ben Ballhorn could be also on the Move since he´s Homsick. Means he will be back to Canada? Weird since Buffalo isnt far away from his Home.

We allready have an interested Team from California (lol) but we probably keep him in Buffalo cuz he just have one Year left in his Contract.


Since Clint Robillard and Trevor Watts joined the NHL Team , the Sabres wont be actvie in Free Agency. Further we are waiting for Padalino´s

NHL Status. 


The Sabres hope  that some Youngsters can just improve and help the Sabres for another Playoff Run. 

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