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RGMG 6.0 - Season 16

Patrick Kane

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The following players are not middle 6 / top 4 / elite backup yet but have signed in the NHL:


Guilherme Alyapkin

Tobias Thorvald

Francesco Radi

Eric Byfuglien

Mikey Shipp

Valentin Gazinskiy

Tony Westermark

Christian Titterud

Anders Berhane

Antti Vaananen

Sebastian Linnér

Jeremias Honkaniemi

Andrej Slambekov

Markku Pöntinen

Niclas Wehrle

Trevor Suellentrop

Andreas Bergfeld

Albin Askebrand

Jakub Matusovic

Sakarias Johnson

Murat Stiel

Igor Anisakharov

Bryan Windle

David Siegemeyer

Peter Peterson

Adam Thompson

Boris Stepan

Blake Ross

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Ottawa releases Brenden Caranci, Simon Dahlin and Isac Lundestrom... never easy releasing 1 swede let alone 2! :(


Ottawa calls up Michael Sutter, Jared Pouliot & Sven Westman I got an imaginary comp report from Nail and he said his alt comp is Markus Naslund and that he'll win MVP like Nazzy did one year :wub:

Ottawa Waive Mattias Westermark and sends to AHL

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