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RGMG 6.0 - Season 16

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2 hours ago, Bombastik der Teutone said:

Sabres assign Sebastien Watt to the Minors 


David Busse was already assigned , could this be done please?  thanks 

Watt not Watts?

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Jan-Philipp Neuville x 2 

Camaryn Shmoorkoff x2 

Sebastian Cheveldayoff x2

Marc-Antoine Chaput x2 


All accept! 


Release Matti hautala 


Edited by apollo
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Gary Oettinger Predators LW/RW N/A 2.8 NA
Marwin Zuffi Predators LD N/A 4.2 NA
Milan Roch Predators C/LW N/A 4.6 5
Nils Bohman Predators RW N/A 4.65 5.05
Austin Sheriff Predators RD/LD 2.2 2.75 NA
Jett Toomey Predators LD/RD 0.7 0.7 NA
Timmy Larson Predators LD 0.7 0.7 NA


Gary Oettinger - 2 years

Marwin Zuffi - 2 years

Milan Roch - 5 years

Nils Bohman - 5 years

Austin Sheriff - 1 year

Jett Toomey - 2 years

Timmy Larson - 2 years





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The following players are middle 6 / top 4 / elite backup or better and have signed for the NHL next season:


Amil Schumacher

Petr Kacian

Tim Axelsson

Bayard Jamieson IV

Petr Prosek

Tamas Kocsis

Domenic Penny

Lubomir Sirl

Reziuan Yegorov

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The following players are not yet ready like those above, but have signed contracts in the NHL:


Stefan Torkkeli

Ahmed Obermair

Patrick Moberg

Magnus St. Cyr

Maxime Mifsud

Arno Viheriaranta

Michal Silhavy

Vyacheslav Barulin

Kevin Joronen

Alexander Hansson

Christian Beattie

Denis Shulenin

Vladimir Demjanov

Jan Dolezal

Dmitry Kryuchkov

Clayton Darrar

Aleksejs Jemelins

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Ottawa Senators release the following players 


Justin McCutcheon 

Denis Nedorozov 

Wes elser 

Mira Alund Smedlund 

Danny Abdul salaam 




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