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RGMG 6.0 - Season 16

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Viktor Zetterqvist - Oskar Zetterqvist - Mikhail Skokov

Matthew Tkachuk - Maxim Beznyak - Viktor Kovac

Maxime Mifsud - Archie Brodeur - Robert Stano

Nicholas Diclaire - Raphael Lavoie - Angus Farrell


Jaret Fancy - Matus Kubik

Jeremy MacMaster - Vladimir Geraev

Rene Kuka - Miroslav Pecko


Brady Thome

Charles Froehlick


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New York Rangers 2033-34


Filip Chytil - Dylan Magee [C] - Vyacheslav Gerasimenko

Max Comtois - Petr Prosek - Matt Choupani [A]

Min Wang - Payton Charbonneau - Taylor Wotherspoon

Nathan Malmquist - Ben Vailati - Josh Lawrence

Caleb Francis


Max Petersen - Erik Brannstrom [A]

Josh McMaster - Michal Krmas

Pat Ebert - Marco Fitzgerald


Daren Bourgeois

Mikey DiPietro

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Wahlstrom - Hischier (C) - McGill (A)

Widmar - Barkov- Puljujarvi

Wilkins - Point - Konig  

Kylmala - Kotkaniemi – Gielly 


Regula (A) – Eggert 

Beauchemin - Folin

Girard - Pesonen





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