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RGMG 6.0 - Season 16

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Congrats to Vyacheslav Gerasimenko on being the first Ranger in the sim to win the Art Ross, and the Rocket Richard! Good to see him also nominated for the Pearson Trophy... and the Selke 


Congrats to Dylan Magee on his 3rd Selke!

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On 2/23/2021 at 12:39 PM, Kobayashi Maru said:

Dallas recalls Arno Viheriaranta (Already called up, just needs to be updated on the roster) and Clark Copeland

Dallas recalls Arno Viheriaranta


Starting to think he may have received an NHL ban of some sort. :ph34r:

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Minnesota Wild Prospect Pool



Mack Wong (RD) - Comp: Ryan Ellis

John MacDonald (LD) - Comp: Jakob Chychrun

Rosario Stanton (LD) - Comp: Jeremy MacMaster (K. Letang)

Nolan Wheeler (RD) - Comp: Luca Laverone (D. Cholowski)

Taylor Sorkin (RD) - Comp: Merv Girardi


Notable young defensemen on the wild include: Jake Redmond, Dax Teets



Brett Macek (C) - Comp: Joe Veleno

Reese Moser (C) - Comp: Sebastian Svensson

Earl Pelletier (C) - Comp: Jean-Christophe Bozon

Ylli Murbeck (C/LW) - Comp: Ludvig Norrman (A. Wennberg)

Jaxon Todd (C/RW) - Comp: Dylan Strome



Brad Berthet (LW) - Comp: Max Domi

Harrison Malone (RW/LW) - Comp: Alex Debrincat

Zdenek Buchta (RW/LW) - Comp: Radek Pilar

Dominik Lipa (LW/RW) - Comp: Filip Zadina



Andre Ruuki (G) - Comp: Michael DiPietro



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Bruins release Olli Juolevi 


Cup champs looking to repeat! Very minor team turnover, with only Teravainen and Juolevi out, Shpedt and (hopefully) RNH comp Clint Balko coming in.


Marek Hajek - Gabe Vilardi -Vladimir Bure

Arthur Gruninger - Joe Veleno  - Peter Mikulak

James Vallee - Clint Balko - Jean-Guy Brewer

Dustin Trainor - Daniel Pivonka - Aaron Rioux


Gaelan Love - Christian Argento

Sergey Shpedt  - Tom Stockie

Jared McIsaac - Mikko Talvensaari 

S:t Cyr Backman

Derek Hanifin


All that with no FA required and 2.9 mil in cap space for trade deadline cheese!

Despite moving a lot of my picks out, I somehow have decent prospects with


Lidstrom (Landeskog)

Arena (Beauregard - Eberle)

Demjanov (Jojua - Goligoski)

Ganiev (Beznyak - Grigorenko)

Rygel (Eisfeld - Hecht)

Johannessen (Aberg - Silfverberg)


and a few others



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