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A 2020 Would U ?! Van/Jackets(Discussion)

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On 6/24/2020 at 5:43 PM, J-P said:

EP > PLD by quite some margin. You don't trade an elite 1C unless you get equal value back and judging by the old motto of "the team that gets the best player in a trade wins it" that's not the case here. You can't sum up all parts in a trade and score it from total value, hockey's not as simple as that. If it was, please give me PLD *or* Jones for Stecher, Virtanen and Pearson instead ;-)

That is never going to happen.  The only player that would get is PLD is either Hughes or EP. 

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As for the  OP.  The ask for these two would be EP and QHs.    They’d want a LHD to replace Jones and a good center to replace PLD.    Would anyone do that?   Doubtful.


 I’d counter with Horvat and BB ... they have Werenksi who could easily take over the number one spot as he’s done while Jones is out anyways ... PLD is > then Horvat was at the same age... think we’d win that deal short and long term.   If we want to go after one of the better young centres and Norris caliber guys we’d have to play ball.    At this point I’d say Jones plus PLD = EP plus QHs.   That would be a fair hockey trade.   We’d win a Horvat/BB for PLD Jones trade every time.  Jones replaces Edler.   PLD more then replaces Horvat long term but we’d lose on the short term.   Doubt they’d do it but I sure would. 

The middle ground might be Horvat as QHs for Jones an PLD.   That’s actually a pretty fair trade. 

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10 hours ago, IBatch said:

Risto is awful in his own end.   Rather just keep signing Tanev ... Markstrom doesn’t need more shots on net.  I get the age think and Risto should get better - but not sure the added cost would be worth it.   Think Vancouver has to depend on an internal improvement as Tanev ages - maybe Tree, or Rafferty or Woo or whomever.   Timing isn’t quite right yet for a guy like Risto - especially when you consider what we’d have to pay to get him.  Tanev is just cap space.

Do you see the team Risto plays for..I would rather have Risto any day, decent in his own end, plays 24-26 mins, 6'4, 26 yrs oldL..

Lots of teams want Ristro, have to take in the whole team no support, very weak team...Risto would look great on an average team..

Risto is on for lots of goals as he plays 25 min per game and has little support..Have to take things like that in consideration..


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