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The All-Encompassing NHL Draft Lottery Poll

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On 6/27/2020 at 6:21 PM, Crabcakes said:

I would rather see no lottery at all.  Let the teams pick in the order that they finished in the standings. If a team tanks to finish last, so be it.  It damages a teams culture to purposefully play poorly so it's a foolish strategy.

I agree with not having a lottery. However I would have a "reverse playoff" for that 1st overall pick. Have all of the teams that missed the playoffs play a mini tournament. The teams that just missed the playoffs may have the advantage, but that should encourages teams to not tank and play the best hockey possible even right to the end as it's setting yourselves up for this tournament. It's extra games for the teams that missed out on the playoffs, but their incentive is to bolster their team into a better position for the future (perhaps some UFAs that aren't staying with their teams don't give a damn, but it could also be a showcase for their next contracts). The NHL would get more games played for more revenue and the fanbases for these teams have something further to root for. The increased level of competition should allow for even more parity in the league creating more exciting games throughout the season. Teams that want to get that 1st overall will have a harder time tanking and then turning it back on for the tournament, so they will have to remain competitive.


It would be kind of like how in Europe where they have relegation that it keeps the games for the bottom teams more interested and hungry to keep going.

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1. I picked the Isles.  While they're perpetual underdogs I started liking their team since last season when they took down the dynamo Pittsburgh Penguins.  I think they actually have an underrated core (Barzal's a current all-star of course, but guys like Eberle, Bailey, Lee, Nelson, etc, defenders in Pulock/ Leddy, and Varlamov in goal aren't really top names) and much of the credit goes to coach Barry Trotz, who took some guys who aren't full-fledged stars but shaped a team and effective lines.  After getting shafted by J.T. when he left for Toronto, the group was better than everyone expected, and I think for such a resilient franchise and effective coach they deserve to get another elite shiny new toy.

HM: Columbus (similar reason, I like underdogs, but after how they left guys like Nash, etc. wanting out, gotta wonder if there's something conducive to them ruining their chances with stars); Montreal (it would be nice to give the Francophone superstar but, meh)

2. Edmonton/ Toronto.  No explanation needed.  

3. I hope we lose the play-in and get #1.  Playoff-type experience but also getting long-term reward with the mega-prospect.

4.  I like it if we get #1, change if we don't :ph34r: I don't really care lol

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