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Mafia: Return of the Autobots - GAME OVER! AUTOBOTS/MAFIA WIN!

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It is a dark time for Cybertron...

The Decepticons, victors of the Cybertronian Wars, have laid waste to every scrap of metal to ever bear the mark of the Autobots. Earth, once a lush & vibrant planet full of life, has been decimated & enslaved. Turned into a cold & metallic wasteland, the planet is stripped bare in order to mine the precious Energon - the life-giving substance for all of Cybertron. What little Autobot resistance remains has been scattered throughout the galaxy, alone, desperate...


Yet hope remains. The Matrix, thought to be lost after the death of Optimus Prime, has been found...and those few Autobots able to still carry the fight can hear it calling...


Welcome to Mafia: Return of the Autobots




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The Deceased:


@Sharpshooter Autobot Kingpin - Ultra Magnus 

@GoCanucks16 Autobot - Grimlock

@Professor Linguine Decepticon Serial Killer - Starscream

@Zfetch Autobot Roleblocker - Iron Hide

@Qwags Decepticon - Kickback

@BoKnows Decepticon - Skywarp

@Master Radishes Decepticon - Megatron

@Blinzer Decepticon Doctor - Laserbeak

@EP40. Decepticon - Shrapnel

@Otis Decepticon Twinblade - Rumble

@J-23 Decepticon Sheriff - Soundwave

@Intoewsables Decepticon Naïve Sheriff - Reflector

@milk and honey Decepticon - Brawl

@Blue Jay 22 Decepticon - Thundercracker

@Kurisu Decepticon - Scrapper

@TheRocket18 Autobot - Bumblebee

@DarthMelvin Decepticon - Ravage

@hoggers Decepticon - Bombshell


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59 minutes ago, naslund.is.king said:


Make the game start for Saturday or Sunday so I can playy in your gameeeeee


Start date will not be sooner than Saturday.


Sign up! Bring yo friends, acquaintances, well-wishers, comrades, chums, contemporaries, etc

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1 hour ago, hoggers said:




Tho likely involving a 2.5L Turbo, with 250HP//320 lbs torque, double-wishbone suspension, cambered tires, rear spoiler, heated seats & leather wrapped steering wheel, with an AK-47 under the front seat.

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6 hours ago, EP40. said:




Edit: however I will be very quiet so I don’t die for no good reason like last game...

That's not a strategy that will take you very far. 

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