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[Signing] Montreal signs Alexander Romanov to ELC

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Great pick by the Habs. I was still out East when they picked him and I saw some analysis of his play shortly after. Good defensive prospect with untapped offensive potential. Handles his own end very well before thinking about offense, which in a day and age where everybody is obsessed with points and bottom line stats, it is refreshing to see. A defenseman has to be able to play defense.

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Romanov will not be allowed to play.  


The league initially did not want to allow new ELC signings for this season.  They consider rosters set and find unfair that teams would be allowed to add them although it's a CBA negotiated rule.  Makar, Boeser, Hughes and many  others were allowed to sign once their season was over and play immediately.  Last season Gavrikov signed once his KHL season was over and stepped right into the playoffs for CBJ.  


There was a real risk that several players would stay an additional year in the KHL because of that rule change and next season delayed.  It's a one-off for this season only.  Podkolzin for example will be allowed to sign once his KHL season is over and play.


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5 minutes ago, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:

So does that mean if Rathbone actually signs this week, he could join the team (after quarantine) for phases 3 and 4, come to training camp, practice with the Canucks, remain with the team inside the hub, but not participate in any of the actual games during the play-in/playoffs?

Yes.  I believe so.  It would also burn a year of his contract 

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