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[Signing] Tryamkin Re-signs in KHL for 1 Year

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4 minutes ago, b3. said:

Probably best, kinda a log jam right now.


Not sure if he’d be more than an aesthetic improvement right now.

They made a point on 1040 this morning saying that J-Bone's contract signing may have impacted this since he is considered a potential shot to make the team next season. 

I am just glad we will not hear about him anymore, but now I wonder what Dahliwal is going to do lol. Probably just drink his Crown with some warm Dickens Cider B)

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Meh. Rumour was he wanted over 2 mill anyways. Once Canucks signed Rathbone they probably felt there was no need to spend that much on a #6 D-man. 

good luck to him in Russia this season

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8 minutes ago, Devron44 said:

Sometimes it’s just best to move on folks. At least people won’t be pencilling them into their next years roster. Kinda got tired of seeing that knowing the guy wasn’t even signed

Don't worry, we can still speculate and pencil him in all the way to the '21-'22 season


Hughes - ?

Rathbone - Myers

Edler? - Tryamkin



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Well I have to say I'm disappointed.  Nikita brings a unique physical dimension which deters opponents and he can also skate and move the puck.  To me he shouldn't have been the one to be on the outside.  Benn and Stecher are the obvious ones that he is a major upgrade over, but to be honest he could even jump Tanev in 1-2 years.  Unless he is coming in after next year, this is the wrong move.  

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9 minutes ago, D-Money said:

He might still come next year, after the KHL season is finished. The way things are shaping up, that might not even be the halfway point of the 2020-2021 season. By then they’ll have had time to see if Rathbone or Rafferty are ready, they’ll know if Tanev or Stecher are still here, and they may even have more cap space to play with (if they manage to move someone, or have some I/R cap relief).


The encouraging thing is that both sides showed a lot of interest in getting something done. It sounds as though if COVID didn’t happen they would have got this done for sure. But there’s just too much up in the air right now for it to work. With the flat cap Jim couldn’t hamstring the team without knowing if he could move someone else, and Nikita had to make sure he could support his family. But next year might be different.

That's not an option.  He is a RFA and has to be signed by a certain date.   In the past RFAs had to be signed by 1 December or they couldn't play for the remainder of the season.  The recently approved CBA MOU has a tentative start date to next season of 1 December - that would mean a signing sometime in the 2nd half of January at the latest for RFAs.  His KHL season will still be underway.  He can't play in the NHL next season unless his KHL contract has an out-clause, which is doubtful, so he can meet that RFA signing deadline.


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