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Mafia: Flight of the Dirty Birds - Game Over, TOWN WINS!!

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Soaring high above the clouds the Golden Eagle uses his eagle eyes to search for the dirtiest of the dirty birds. Focusing hard he sees what appears to be a bird taking a massive dump on some innocent Girl Guides as they prepare for their picnic.

He drops into attack mode and dives at incredible speed 


WHAMMY! HE SMASHES HIS TARGET AND SINKS HIS TALONS DEEP INTO ITS NECK AND SKULL. As he squeezes tightly he hears the last whimper of a Bush Tit - bushtit.jpg.b9aaefaef4656afcb16d0433efe346cb.jpg "I only crap in bushes... It wasn't me. I'm not a dirty bird!"


@Qwags has been killed. His mangled corpse lies bloody and twitching for a $&!#ting he did not commit.





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