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Mafia: Flight of the Dirty Birds - Game Over, TOWN WINS!!

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2 hours ago, DarthMelvin said:



You could just not sign up and ceres can sign up on his own....


No need for an announcement..



tv show news GIF by CBBC


But you're welcome.




You could just not comment on what MR is saying...


No need for an announcement of your inanity...


broken computer GIF


But you're welcome.

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7 minutes ago, Ceres said:

But you're welcome.

Still here?


Dance Marathon Reaction GIF by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals


I see you are waiting for all the "@ceres" posts to pop up askin you to play...


Your incessant need for attention will be an unquenchable thirst. You will play Mafia here on CDC again. Why you continue this charade of self importance is very unhealthy. 


black and white help GIF

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