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[Discussion] best and worst case scenarios

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  canucks vets and young guns   heres my opinion on cap hits and team moving forward 


Eriksson -  canucks will waive him best case he wants to play in nhl so he mutually agrees to terminate contract instead of bus rides in utica 

best case -  frees 6 mill cap no loss of draft picks 

worst case frees 1 mill cap


Edler  remains lifelong canuck 

best case -  6 mill contract runs out yr petey and hughes   get their big contracts  he resigns for 1-2 yrs 4mill

worst case he wants 2 more yrs 6mill per 


Tanev  best case we let him walk or trade rights to him for a 3rd 

worst  he wants 6-7 mill per on 5-6 yr deal  no way i wanna pay a injury prone dman that with not much left in tank.


Sutter  - best case scenario a team needs a 3rd line center and we retain half his cap frees up 2.25 mill 

worst case we pay 4.5 for a injury prone 4th liner 


Baertchi - best case he wants nhl job mutually terminates contract to get gig elsewhere freeing 3.66 mill in cap

worst case 2.66 mill against cap 1 mill off him being in ahl


Roussel -  best case has a good offseason  ups trade value.  we retain half salary in trade for draft picks 

worst case he steals spot from youngsters taking 3 mill in cap next 2 yrs 


Pearson - best case 50 point winger  gets traded for a first rounder and frees 3.75 mill up

worst case he finishes contract and walks free as ufa


Markstrom mvp of our team best case  resigns 5 yrs 5.5 - 6.5 mill  per wins us cup

worst case he wants 7-8 mill long term or walks as ufa  


Toffoli  best case resigns 4 yrs 5.5 mill per   solidifies top six snipes

worst case walks as ufa 


Miller best case keeps getting better  steal of 5.25 mill next 3 seasons  gets us cup  worst case he gets injuries 


Virtanen -  keeps driving play  best case he becomes top 6 and has less drama resigns 5 yrs 4 mill per jeeps inproving

worst  he regresses and parties tomuch and traded kassian styles 


Boeser - best case he stays on  canucks and becomes top 10 winger in league 

worst case  wrist injurie and back limit him from dominance 


Horvat best case he gets the fire to become a champ and keeps getting better takes team on shoulders like kesler worst case hes already maxed out his best yrs 


Petey  our  future cup champ and hart and art ross winner  best case hes in hhof  as dominant swede center

worst case he gets injured  when hes stil not strong  enough  he looks 5-10 pounds stronger than 6 months ago im not worried 


Gaudette best case  resigns 3-4 yrs  he improves on faceoffs and becomes  a kesler type star 

worst case he doesnt keep improving 


Beagle  best case keeps teaching young centers how to win lil battles and face offs  chips in offseason and shutdown ability


Hughes - best wins calder doesnt miss beat becoming our best d  worst case  he regresses 


Demko  best case - keeps gettjng better  takes starter job

wors case  is a ok backup or we lose him to seattle 


Myers best he provides top 4 defense and iffense. worst  he plays3rd pair at top four price 


Juolevi - best ends up top 4  and stays healthy  worst injured and ahler for life


Rathbone - best provides offense and solid d on 3rd pair next yr worst ahler fir life

Stecher best  gets traded for a pick worst he goes east and lose asset for nothing


Raffery  best case he provides 3rd pairing next yr. worst case hes ahl material


Macewen best he becomes aforce on 3rd or 4th line  bangs and scores worst hes a 4th line plug 


Hoglander best case he comes to camp steals a job from vet. becomes top sux sniper  worst busts out  in ahl


Podzolkin best case signs in 21-22  becones a calder winning sniper  worst case he never plays on van

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Not a bad topic but one thing you are not considering is anyone who goes down to the AHL is replaced by another player.   The league minimum kind of caboshes much savings.  LE goes down best case is 300k.  The league minimum is going up so even that is in question.  


Best case IMO is we sign JV, AG, Tanev, Markstrom and TT without jeopardizing our future.  The only way that happens really is if LE mutually cancels.   Otherwise we have to accept that best case is TT just a rental (no way JB would have made that deal if Markstrom and BB weren’t out).    Even IF LE retires we will still lose a little depth - Leivo for sure and maybe Stecher.    Why don’t we wait until the playoffs are over.   A lot can and will change when that happens.   Stocks will raise and shrink etc...


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