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Jack McIlhargey passes away

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-Vintage Canuck-

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47 minutes ago, Bell said:

RIP to one of the toughest S.O.B.s to ever play the game.

I can remember watching Jack play and I can honestly second this comment.  Perfect example of a guy you want to have on your team and not have to play against.  Go Canucks Go!

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Loved Jack, one of my all-time favourite players. As tough as he was it seemed to make sense that he started his career in Philly.


I had the pleasure of meeting Jack at the St. Paul Hotel in Minnesota when the Canucks were playing the Wild at the Excel Energy Center. He and Jim Hugheson were at the bar. I told Jack to lighten up and smile when he was on the bench.and he just laughed, thankfully. I mentioned I was a Canucks fan living in Edmonton and I recall he said his wife was from the suburb of Sherwood Park.

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Wish the team gave him a chance as Head Coach. Players seemed to go through a brick wall for him. Which is the way he played. 

RIP Jack and sorry to all his friends and family. He will be missed. Seemed like a stand up guy. 

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One of the tough legends of the late 70s and definitely a notable name that's come up several times when reading about the earlier days of the Canucks. All the best to his family and friends. Even though he was getting on in years, 68 is still quite young to go.

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Oh man. So young still. While I remember him as a rough and tumble player, I had forgotten about him being an assistant coach.


My original memory of him was as public enemy number one when he led some of his Flyers into the stands vs some fans at the Pacific Coliseum one year.

Then we got him in a trade with Larry Goodenough. Probably the Bob Dailey trade.


Back then, we had tough guys like Snepsts and McIllhargey on D.


RIP Jack.

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