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A wish & story for Dale Hawerchuk! Anyone with Cancer, Corona...

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I guess cancer can be very unrelenting?




Its a bright sunny day where I am right now.  When I grew up in the 'Peg Dale Hawerchuk was my absolute hero! 


Dale, coach of the Barrie Colts, just finished chemotherapy. But has had a recurrence of ongoing stomach cancer. I am not sure I believe in prayer as some do?


But I do believe in extending wishes! Its winter where I live. I closed my eyes and felt the suns warmth on my eyelids.  I believe people can feel that warmth when they hopefully know others are thinking of them? I wish Dale the absolute best!





A story; when I had my first real job?  I worked a few blocks up Portage ave from the old arena. A few Jets were the businesses regular customers. I sold things to guys like Randy Carlisle. True story; I sold a Bose stereo, set it up at his house to Jim Kyte.  Its funny because Jim was deaf. But he also had friends over, wanted to entertain. Had a beer served to me and Dave Ellett while I set it up.


Jim brought Dale in one day. Of course my boss jumped in. He dealt with all the ''stars.'' But Dale came over and had a laugh with me. He thought it was hilarious! Told me some gags they played on Jim who was everyone's fave, chatted.  Nothing really about hockey. There was a huge storm weeks earlier, worst in 50 years that literally shut the city down? We were just in the first few days open. I mentioned I had moved into my first house the day before the storm.  Wind had blown snow and completely covered my porch, front & side doors. I climbed out a second floor window onto the porch, jumped into the snowbank just to get out. Started clearing snow. He topped my story, said they played (think Rangers?) and he picked up other players on his way in from Tuxedo (or wherever it was he lived) on his snowmobile the night of the storm. Then days after everybody banding together, digging each other out.


Dale laughed again, wished me luck & shook my hand. I remember to this day how nice these guys were to me!


Maybe this could be a forum to wish well to anyone suffering right now? Who was nice to you...


Feeling down because your at home, maybe not working. Lost a loved one, or someone is suffering?


I feel the warmth of sun for you too, and hope it brightens your day...



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I got a quick Dale Hawerchuk story too.


My high school basketball team was travelling home cross country after a fun tournament. We had a stop in Toronto.

While looking out the window I saw the luggage truck come up to the plane. Hockey bags were being loaded on to the team. Winnipeg Jets hockey bags. I thought it was weird that an NHL team would ship their bags on a commercial flight. Shortly afterwards some well dressed athletic guys started boarding the plane. My teammates and I were recognizing we were now surrounded by NHLers. Sure enough Dale Hawerchuk sat right across the aisle from by buddy and me. 


We didn't bother him on the flight. He just read a paper. Caught checking out the stats of the sports section. lol


Once off the plane I was walking up the corridor with him so I asked him for an autograph. He was very gracious. Asked how our basketball team was doing.

I still have that autograph somewhere. 

Great experience.


So &^@# cancer.

Best wishes to Dale!

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