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Mafia: The Game [Capo de tutti Capi] - Serial Killer Win

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Well, this changes everyhting, I suppose...


Don't recall ever playing with medkit, can someone fill me in?


Just now, naslund.is.king said:

I really have no clue about anyone j

ive re read and it’s so &^@#ed up

LL day one didn’t help and the 100 wagons last night didn’t help

I am sticking with DM just read his post on Aladeen and not a fan of the bandwagon vote. Same goes for BK and K.

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1 minute ago, J-23 said:

Wtf is medkit someone explain please? Doc type role?

its like a free doc save


ya pass it around to two names after each round. medkit often dies when there is no one to give it to (ie both the names you say get killed)


usually only for TPs, however it is well within the realm for mafia to be randed the medkit

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