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Mafia: The Game [Capo de tutti Capi] - Serial Killer Win

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1 minute ago, falcon45ca said:

I'm ok with a Thundedome against TL, but MR needs a lot more attention.

Mr is playing in a way which no matter the attention you give him you won’t learn anything.


these vets who are some of the best here are forcing us to roll the dice voting 

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TL after everything he’s just seems deserving enough for one more day. We’ll need to break down his play thus far to see if it makes sense. 

Maybe tomorrow the TL and MR wagons can duel. 

Im good with lynching Mr. Flufffer for tonight.


Vote Kurisu

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Player Votes on Player From Player(s)
Time Lord 5 Master Radishes, BoKnows, Alain Vigneault, J-23, naslund.is.king
falcon45ca 3 Zfetch, DarthMelvin, Time Lord
Kurisu 2 falcon45ca, Sharpshooter
Sharpshooter 1 Kurisu


Time Lord is set to be hung. You will have last words before you are silenced from the game.

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Serial Killer kill: falcon45ca


Zfetch had just closed a massive deal for his family business. Some new supplier from a faraway land showed serious interest in doing business with him, and he just couldn't bring himself to turn them down. Unfortunately, the Mafia were interested in their business too, and didn't take this perceived slight lightly.


Celebrating his sweet new deal, he decided to take his family out to the nearby steakhouse. Just as he pulled into the parking lot, a van parked across from him and unloaded a number of mafia goons. One blast with the shotgun, and Zfetch was done for.


The Vigilante could not act!


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@Alain Vigneault









Blue Jay 22

@Master Radishes

Time Lord






Total: 8/18 players





luckylager [Lynched: Mafia]

GoCanucks16 [Serial Killer Kill: Not Mafia]

Aladeen [Mafia Kill: Unknown]

TheRocket18 [Lynched: Not Mafia]

hoggers [Serial Killer Kill: Mafia]

Blue Jay 22 [Mafia Kill: Unknown]

Blinzer [God Kill: Unknown]

Time Lord [Lynched: Not Mafia]

falcon45ca [Serial Killer Kill: Not Mafia]

Zfetch [Mafia Kill: Unknown]


Total: 10 players

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