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Mafia: The Game [Capo de tutti Capi] - Serial Killer Win

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35 minutes ago, Kurisu said:

vote SS


Who's here for frantic action?

If you’re town then you should know by NIK’s and my PM convo that I was town. 

If this is some maf play then you’re the next one gone and town should still win. 

If this is some stupid grudge then I’ll reciprocate every game going forward. 

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Serial Killer kill: J-23


Life was great for DarthMelvin. His family life was rock solid, and he was recently promoted to general manager at the biggest casino in town. That is, until ownership of the casino changed hands. Rumour had it that a prominent member of the Mafia was looking to use the casino as a front for their other businesses. DarthMelvin, being the good townsperson that he was, figured he could stick it to the Mafia by skimming some of their profits and redirecting the money to other businesses in the area. Hell, he figured he may as well keep a little cash for himself for the trouble.


Unfortunately, DarthMelvin took it too far this time, and the Mafia noticed they were short on cash. After doing a bit of digging, they called DarthMelvin to tell him he'd earned another promotion. The boss was sending a car with a couple of his associates to bring DarthMelvin over to celebrate. DM entered the car and drove off with the Mafia goons, never to be seen again.


The Vigilante could not act!


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Alain Vigneault









Blue Jay 22

Master Radishes

Time Lord






Total: 3/18 players





luckylager [Lynched: Mafia]

GoCanucks16 [Serial Killer Kill: Not Mafia]

Aladeen [Mafia Kill: Unknown]

TheRocket18 [Lynched: Not Mafia]

hoggers [Serial Killer Kill: Mafia]

Blue Jay 22 [Mafia Kill: Unknown]

Blinzer [God Kill: Unknown]

Time Lord [Lynched: Not Mafia]

falcon45ca [Serial Killer Kill: Not Mafia]

Zfetch [Mafia Kill: Unknown]

Alain Vigneault [Lynched: Not Mafia]

naslund.is.king [Serial Killer Kill: Mafia]

Master Radishes [Lynched: Not Mafia]

J-23 [Serial Killer Kill: Mafia]

DarthMelvin [Mafia Kill: Unknown]


Total: 15 players

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