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Mafia: The Game [Capo de tutti Capi] - Serial Killer Win

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Alain Vigneault









Blue Jay 22

Master Radishes

Time Lord






Total: 1/18 players





luckylager [Lynched: Mafia]

GoCanucks16 [Serial Killer Kill: Not Mafia]

Aladeen [Mafia Kill: Unknown]

TheRocket18 [Lynched: Not Mafia]

hoggers [Serial Killer Kill: Mafia]

Blue Jay 22 [Mafia Kill: Unknown]

Blinzer [God Kill: Unknown]

Time Lord [Lynched: Not Mafia]

falcon45ca [Serial Killer Kill: Not Mafia]

Zfetch [Mafia Kill: Unknown]

Alain Vigneault [Lynched: Not Mafia]

naslund.is.king [Serial Killer Kill: Mafia]

Master Radishes [Lynched: Not Mafia]

J-23 [Serial Killer Kill: Mafia]

DarthMelvin [Mafia Kill: Unknown]

Kurisu [Lynched: Mafia]

BoKnows [Serial Killer Kill: Not Mafia]


Total: 17 players

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The Serial Killer wins!



Player Role
BoKnows Townsperson
J-23 Mafia
Alain Vigneault Townsperson
luckylager Mafia
hoggers Mafia
Blinzer Townsperson
Aladeen Townsperson
falcon45ca Townsperson
DarthMelvin Townsperson
Sharpshooter Serial Killer
Kurisu Kingpin
Blue Jay 22 Sheriff
Master Radishes Townsperson
Time Lord Townsperson/Med Kit
Zfetch Townsperson
TheRocket18 Townsperson
naslund.is.king Lackey




  Lynch Mafia Sheriff Med Kit #1 Med Kit #2 Vigilante Serial Killer Kingpin Lackey
Round 1 luckylager Aladeen Aladeen Kurisu hoggers Alain Vigneault GoCanucks16 N/A Blue Jay 22
Round 2 TheRocket18 Blue Jay 22 N/A J-23 hoggers N/A hoggers BoKnows falcon45ca
Round 3 Time Lord Zfetch N/A Alain Vigneault naslund.is.king N/A falcon45ca N/A Alain Vigneault
Round 4 Alain Vigneault Sharpshooter N/A J-23 BoKnows N/A naslund.is.king Alain Vigneault Sharpshooter
Round 5 Master Radishes DarthMelvin N/A J-23 Sharpshooter N/A J-23 N/A N/A
Round 6 Kurisu BoKnows N/A N/A N/A N/A BoKnows Sharpshooter N/A


  • Lackey did not start in contact with the rest of the Mafia team (and never actually made contact before dying)
  • Serial Killer started with one bulletproof vest
  • Kingpin had investigations on even-numbered rounds
Edited by Intoewsables
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1 hour ago, BoKnows said:


53 minutes ago, Ceres said:

Big win Sharpshooter. Winning as the SK is hard.




43 minutes ago, naslund.is.king said:

Congrats SS 

thanks for not spilling my slip

see I was looking for team members your bpv made it look like I finally hit even tho I was dead hence why I told you I was the lackey 


41 minutes ago, Blue Jay 22 said:



Job well done SK! Best individual performance I’ve seen in a long time. Congrats!


Edit: Thanks for hosting @Intoewsables!


2 minutes ago, Aladeen said:

Congrats SS great win!!




Many thanks all. 

That was satisfying.





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