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Is the season a success no matter what else happens?

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Is the season a success no matter what else happens?   

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Winning isn't everything...  It's the only thing that matters in sports...


Sure we had success this year, if you think just making the playoffs is successful then I have no argument with that.  But the goal of any team is to win.  If we win the next round then that will show we can compete with the big boys and that we have taken a big step forward.  If we lose then we can say hey we made the playoffs, haven't done that in years so we are good.  


Petey wants to win baby, bring on the Stars, or the Blues, or whoever else wants to mess with us next round...

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why not both. 

They played in arguably the most competitive series so far. If you watched the other games they all lacked the pace, intensity, skill and focus that the Canucks players were playing with. 


i believe the boys can achieve  the ultimate goal. And I believe they believe it too. We have a dangerous team that just played a consistent 4 games. Tyler Myers 3 penalties each game , Quinn Hughes distributing , Pettersson playmaking, Boeser shooting, Horvat , Loui, Pearson providing a dangerous mix of grit and skill. 

Teams have multiple things to worry about when playing the Canucks.  
and the Canucks are built to have the pieces to deal with different on ice situations against opponents. 



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The series against Minny won't be an "official" playoff series, but you can't say that what we watched wasn't playoff hockey. It was the most intense NHL hockey any of the young guys ever experienced and they didn't wilt/shy to the outside. Winning that "series" was like winning a playoff round to those guys. Now they get another round against much tougher competition. Weaknesses will be exposed, which will be helpful for teaching these guys what they need to work on in the offseason. That said, I don't count them out of the first round either. They are playing playoff hockey. The round robin games have been boring as heck. Will STL/Dallas be able to match intensity in time?



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I think so, they definitely met the expectation of making the playoffs which I’m sure Green and Benning will be delighted after being on the hot seat for quite some time. No matter how far we go into the playoffs, it will be a learning experience for the young players and based on that we will see an improvement from a year-to-year basis.

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This is a success.  This will make the owner happy.  It also gives young players experience even if it's not official playoff series but it's sure felt like it's playoffs.  4 months break did them wonder and helped them with a lot training for this moment.   Best of them all, we don't give away the potential first overall pick in 2021 draft for Miller's trade.  Benning gambled with this trade and it paid off.   It seems that every team Benning worked with was successful with him drafting its own players, see Buffalo and Boston deep playoff runs in the past.  I have no doubt that the Canucks will become even deeper team with more prospects coming in and majority of them panning out.  Next season will be challenging, for sure as teams will be targeting the Canucks and play them harder at this point forward.  No matter what happens, each win in the playoffs is a bonus for the Canucks.  

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