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[Discussion] Arizona/OEL


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21 minutes ago, PunjabiCanucks said:

2021 1st round pick? Virtanen, Woo , and pieces... for the trade?


Move Ericksson with Demko to make cap space

Might as well just make a play for Pietrangelo when he hits UFA.

You can use less assets to move other bad contracts.  

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3 minutes ago, Chickenspear said:

NJ, Ott, for sure, LA if Doughty goes back the other way to Ari. A few others if they do some maneuvering.

I thought about Sens - but with their owner I presume likely they are not going to do so.


LA seems an interesting one that could work out, and at the same time would solidify their roster. In theory TT could also go back there as a UFA.

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8 hours ago, mll said:

He has an 8.25M cap hit for another 7 years.  A full NCM but it looks like he too wants to move on.


Owners were just talking to him to tell him they were rebuilding, right? smh. (I am not directing this at you OP) It was pretty clear they were talking to him to tell him to waive that NMC. Owners do not just go and meet with a player to tell them they are rebuilding, lol. The logic some people have. 

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OEL has a full NMC. He is not going to list Ottawa, NJ or LA as places he wants to go. I highly doubt it anyways. I wouldn't imagine he would go from one dumpster fire to another. Let's wait to see how many times he puts on his trade list. 

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