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Canucks get screwed again-2020 playoffs likely to be cancelled today

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Typical Canucks luck.  Team firing on all cylinders and something happens to blow it to smithereens.  This isn't meant to be political so I hope that it isn't taken as such.  Want this thread to be hockey-related.


Reading Twitter tonight, it looks like the NBA 2020 playoffs will come to an end tomorrow.  The players have had it and the season at best per twitter "hangs in the balance" barring drastic movement by ownership.  Also, folks all across the spectrum are demanding the NHL cancel the playoffs immediately from Kelly Hrudey, Peter Mansbridge, Elliott Friedman, Christine Simpson and Craig SImpson.  Peter Mansbridge went on a tirade that the NHL should be ashamed of itself just now.


Politics is my other main passion and the pressure will soon be too intense for the NHL to keep playing.  I can see which way the winds are blowing.  The NHL is getting blasted.  The powers-that-be want sports stopped and they want them stopped NOW. 


I suspect that like the COVID-19 shutdown in March which was sparked by the NBA, that when the NBA cancels the 2020 playoffs tomorrow, MLB, MLS and the NHL will have no choice but to cancel their playoffs and seasons respectively.  Sucks that there is no way that the Republican-controlled NFL will shut itself down (a league that actually could get Americans to pay attention by shutting down) but we lose our sports, especially due to an event that DID NOT EVEN HAPPEN IN CANADA!


P.S.:  I guess Bo Horvat gave up 6 weeks of seeing his first born's life for nothing and so that everyone can go all SJW.  


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