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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights | Sep 1, 2020 | Golden Knights lead series 3-1

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Just now, Rindiculous said:

I’m not.  It’s a penalty, but so is holding the stick.  You can’t expect him to drop it he’s not doing anything in the wrong it’s his stick not Tuchs

I expect him to be responsible for his stick... he is a pro.

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4 minutes ago, Wilfred said:

This team is such &^@#ing trash. Unbelievable and completely &^@#ing gutless effort. Just let him dangle though THREE OF you. &^@#ing gross.

Jesus, then stop watching haha


Go cheer for another team, you clearly don't enjoy watching this one

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Just now, Rick_theRyper said:

I’ll take all the heat here but I hope Green is gone this offseason. We have guys with size... but other than Rooster it’s tough to watch. Seems like he’s telling them to play clean etc. Don’t like it. Wanna see some meaningful play in the boards... hard to watch and now petey gets taking into the boards. Will there be a reaponse? It’s not always on the score sheet.. someone please get someone. All series Vegas has been cheap shorting our guys. Tit for tat. Grow a pair boys. 

im not sure if its green or the players dont have it in them.   thats one thing i loved about the 94 team...if you wanted to play dirty they would murder  you.

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