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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights | Sept. 01, 2020 | Golden Knights lead series 3-2

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-Vintage Canuck-

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Just now, Bertorama said:

Not sure we want to go into next game riding the back up goalie for 40 plus shots and holding them to one goal 


but we got moxy and that will get in Vegas Knights head. 

I though we showed no quit and actually felt the third period was our best third in this series. 

Our third was good first 2 weren’t but thought they guys closed gaps and played harder for sure in the third!! 

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4 minutes ago, naslund.is.king said:

Thank god for Demko

Saved all of our ass.

It Baffles me why i constantly read people wanting to trade him. 

Trade a pick to seattle so they don't pick him

End of story kids a stud and will be a future top goalie

Book it 

lol right seattle will prolly ask for a 1st.. i rather sign markstrom with no nmc ntc and expose him if seattle takes him so be it.

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4 minutes ago, Oregon.Duck said:

Let me tell you about a story where the Canucks traded for a great goalie from Florida to be our starter. Then a well regarded Canuck-drafted American goalie played for Boston College and then came to the Canucks. Only to create an interesting goaltending scenario within the organization. 


Hmmm...I’ve seen this story before. 

Good part of the story... they got us to the finals

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