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CDC Alumni - how old is your account?


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Hi all, I was just curious to see how many CDC 'ol timers' still come here. I remember when I first registered with an account here in 2003. I had visited the site for a couple of years beforehand, reading people's comments.


What currently-active CDCer holds the record for the earliest year that their account was created?


I'm thinking anyone who has an account that is 20+ years old should be given the automatic status of 'Canuck alumni' under their name.


What year was your account started?

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October 2011 (although was a secret lurker for a couple years before I joined).


Prior that I wasn't really into hockey. My love for the Canucks started when I moved to Alberta for school. I was homesick and started watching the Canuck/hockey for some sort of comfort, and haven't looked back since.

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