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7th Annual CDCFL Entry Draft (2020 Edition)


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7 hours ago, Rush17 said:

With the 19th Overall Selection in the 2020 FL Draft, NJ is proud to select...


Kaiden Guhle - The Process - Neutral Zone - Men's


from the Prince Albert Raiders of the WHL... Kaiden Guhle


@donut47 You are next on the board.

I was looking hard at this Dman during my pick...was close to being off the board back then, but i opted for the forward He could be a great Blueliner at this draft position if his metrics continue to rise, one knock is 3 points in the any postseason games for the last 28 games, spread over several years. But Prince Albert. haha.


See I drafted Prince Alberts goalie, Great Scott, and all the notes on him in his draft year were that he would have been an elite WHL tendy if the defence around him was able to play in their own zone better, haha.

One year apart though, so I doubt that was truly aimed at Kaiden. IMO he is at least worth picking exactly here. LIkely better upside long term.


Final Edit: forget all that time flies when your having fun: they are three years apart in age and Scott's last PA season was amazing...which would have seen Kaiden on the ice for a lot of it. Don't mind me, I will show myself out.



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