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Dream On: Vancouver Canucks 2020 Playoffs Tribute

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2 hours ago, -AJ- said:

I think in a month or so I will be able to watch this, but I'll need a bit to get over the pain.

same. I unhallowed the Canuck instagram for now since they are posting a lot of things that are making me cry.   I will of course follow them again then Brock Boeser decides to be a nice guy and thanks the fan for their support. 

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In that video are definitely some of the best memories of Canucks hockey I've had since 2011, thanks for putting it all together. It really is a bit hard to sort yourself out, after riding a high so long watching them this playoffs. I'm not really ready to put a lot of thought into what comes after with this club, but I'm still happy to relive some of the memories from this year. I don't want to let the pain of the loss dominate over the amazing firsts for our young guys that we saw this playoffs. Well, I'll look forward to all the new memories these guys will bring to us, because you know these guys aren't going to just be a flash in the pan.

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