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OMG Wildfire Smoke?


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  • Roberts changed the title to Forest Fire Smoke

If you have allergies or breathing issues, like asthma, even in the slightest, tomorrow(today for most of you) will be challenging. Stay inside. Tomorrow is not the day to go for a run or exercise outside. The smoke from Washington State and the interior wildfires will be here. 

As my my vice-principal from Notre Dame always said, “Don’t say you haven’t been warned.”

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The wind blowing from the South/east is awful. 


I kept my kitchen window open last night and woke up to the strong smell of smoke inside...curtains were blowing so I knew it was coming directly in.  Ugly.  


So add this to 2020..."go outside, it's safer".  "NO DON'T GO OUTSIDE, IT'S UNSAFE".   


So much for my daily river excursion....

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