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VAN Ranked #3 For Prospect/Young Depth & Quality

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4 minutes ago, DarkIndianRises said:

HF Canucks are going to be seething upon seeing this, LOL.


Jim Benning 1
MS, y2k, tantalum, peter10, etc. 0

Darn impressive, DIR. Was also mentioned that BB, Thatcher & Gaudette all 'aged-up' from last yr(where Van was ranked #5 OA). So mostly on the strength of their 2019 draft class, they kept moving upwards, despite other youth slightly above the cut-off.

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Up from #5 last year, even with Boeser, Gaudette, and Demko graduating and no longer counted toward the rankings, we move to #3, mostly on the strength of the Podkolzin and Höglander picks, and the increased ratings for Pettersson and Hughes.


Pretty good stuff overall. 

One quibble with Pronman’s ratings is his “physical game” scores for our Dmen.


Juolevi: 55

Woo: 50

Rafferty: 45

Rathbone: 35


Those seem a bit off. Rathbone should definitely be higher than 35. He’s a much more physical Dman than that score suggests. And I’m not sure I’d say Juolevi plays a more physical style than Woo (although OJ has certainly improved that element of his game).


Also could quibble with the players Pronman chooses to mention in the lower tiers (and those he omits), but I suppose I can’t really fault a guy for being a little bit off on the Canucks’ overall depth rankings, when he’s writing 31 separate articles like this.

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We are in pretty good shape for prospects.   I feel we are looking at:


High End:




Probable NHL Regular:








Potential NHLer:











Not a ton of likely star power, but real solid depth, which is what we need.

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1 hour ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Apparently as per that Pronman bloke(The Athletic?) we're only behind the Rags & Devilish ones. Them two NY area entities having been gifted numerous Lucky(ya right) bounces of the Bettman-lotto.


Just lifted this info from blogger Clay, Canuck-backer on his youtube channel.


Even after spending Madden/2nd at TDL, they still have this impressive showing. Have said a couple times, but Benning's stash must be raising some interest?.. Can't help wonder if we'll be parting with some young gems(alongside albatrosses) at the nearing draft?


Criteria is players/prospects under 22 yo; or under 25, provided they haven't yet played(50-ish?) or so games yet. So a guy like Rafferty would be included in our evaluation.


So yeah..#3. Not too shabby, eh?

This is a little misleading given EP and QHs would be included in this assessment as active players.



As per actual prospects we have two in the top 30 and top 100 (Madden would have made it three - like AG when he was a prospect in the low 70’s).   Hogs around 28 and Podz around 10.   EDM for example, has two as well in Broberg and Bouchard (top 30), Detroit even better with Zadina and Seider both ranked quite high.    

Factually JB has mostly blown his wad - other then OJ, Hogs and Podz the rest are big question marks, and none are slam dunk stars.    Recent THN marks us B- forwards, B- defense and C+ for goalies.   As a reference point those were the type of grades we were getting about three years into his tenure when we traded for Goldobin and Dahlen.   Right in the middle of the pack.   Yes we stack up excellent for 21 and unders and likely will continue to do so until EP ages out .... five years ago  WNP was like us now - no complaints but our pool is pretty average at this point. 

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1 hour ago, PetterssonOrPeterson said:

I still remember the days when Canucks fans viewed Frankie Corrado as our hope on defence.


Yikes lol.


Let's just say, it feels nice to have the wealth of prospects that this management has built.



Don't forget Nicklas Jensen as the next "Kesler" lol 

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Another aspect that doesn't get enough attn/appreciation: JB's emphasis on character.


Imagine you're a young puck-stud, highly touted & drafted. You're nervous coming into your first pro gig, hoping new teammates will be inclusive, & coaches will give you opportunities at success. As you think about it, these two things may well go hand-in-hand.


Would you rather arrive in a COTU, Hogtown, with several well-paid brat-stars(pull up yer trousers, you!), or perhaps the picturesque west coast, with young players displaying character on par with their growing skills? Hmm.. tough choice!


*****************What happens?!************ with the 2nd or 3rd wave of arriving quality youth, should a franchise be so lucky to maintain strong drafting/dealing over an extended period? Would be interesting to backtrack decades & do case-studies with teams in such scenario(great character early studs vs ego-maniacs!). I'll just throw it out there today, how important the personalities/character might be in this context. That, & quality vets to keep these waves fitting in.


IF JB had drafted like MG-quality(these past 5, 6 yrs) none of this would matter now, & everyone would be trying to max buck, or skedaddle.


Because he has unearthed so many gems, the prioritization on character should have a multiplicative effect upon youth's future success.

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Let's not get too high (or too low) regarding these rankings and remember that these writers/bloggers have often seen not a single one of these prospects play live let alone many times like pro-scouts do before 'evaluating' players.  Most of the time these articles/rankings are based off of published statistics and/or short video clips posted by people who are actually at games. 

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