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Canucks & Habs(2 Proposals)

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Past coupla' days been considering the 2 franchises possibly dealing. First, don't know if JB & Bergie are on chummy terms(to do biz)? So there's that.


Do think the two squads are in relatively similar situations. Key diff is Mtl has 2 LTerm vets on high cap hits...perhaps how we felt back in the day with Daniel & Henrik? Both teams appear trending upwards, with some exciting prospects due to arrive soon. Then both squads also have some contracts they'd prob like to dump.


Well, here's a couple ideas...

Deal #1: Drouin & Alzner

Van: Shotgun Jake, LouiE, & Benn

Possibly Louie could become Roussel, but then we'd require about 1.5 mill retained on Alzner.

So much griping about Drouin, bet Habs-backers would like to cut him loose. Note he has 3 yrs left at a pretty high hit(5.5 AAV), but we're not exactly deep on the port side, especially if we moved Tanner before next season's out. Never know..guy might have chemistry with EP or Bo?


Deal #2: Danault & Alzner

Van: Virtanen, Roussel, Sutter


This deal they take on more bucks(uncertain number, as Jake is RFA). But of course we get the albatross for 2 yrs.


A central question is could we AHL-bury Alzner for 2 yrs? Assume Louie is somehow dealt with(perhaps deal with NJ or OTT)? A buyout next yr for Alzner would be 2.3 mill & then 1.1 mill(perhaps manageable)


edit: wanted to add, don't know if these are 'sideways' proposals. But I figured these are two interesting partners to discuss...

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Alzner's even worse than Loui (granted he's cheaper, but he can't stay in the lineup).

If there's rumors that the Avalanche are in for Hall though, I wonder if they would entertain a deal to move Drouin to them, say for Zadorov and a 2021 2nd?  We shed $1.5 million in cap by losing Loui (bury Alzner) then several million more by trading Drouin, while also getting a big right side D (does he have arbitration rights?  $3 million for his previous contract seems a little steep but more palatable given who we lose).  

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8 hours ago, Toews said:

Are you aware both Danault and Drouin are from Quebec? Pretty sure there is going to be some Qubecois export tax (probably a 1st round pick).  :P

Yeah, but there's Rous


Aside from Drouin's nasty stipend, seems him & Jake would be an understandable swap(local guys; highly touted/picked).

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