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[Rumour] Pierre Lebrun: GM Benning & JP Barry chatted about a Loui Eriksson trade this week

Ilya Mikheyev

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Loui Eriksson on the move?

The Vancouver Canucks are in dire need of cap savings and it’s no surprise the prevailing thought within their front office is whether they can finally move Loui Eriksson.


Sources say Canucks GM Jim Benning and Eriksson’s agent J.P. Barry had a chat this week about it.


The key takeaway here is that while his $6 million cap hit this year and next continues to scare away teams, the 35-year-old winger — in real cash — is owed $1 million next season and $4 million in 2021-22 before his deal expires.


So you’re looking at a $2.5 million third-line winger. Which is fine. As long as you’re not a team with very little cap room in a flat-cap environment. Which is almost every team in the league. Which is why it’s going to be very hard to move him despite the lower cash number.


Eriksson, it should be noted, has a 15-team no-trade list but it goes without saying he’d likely invite a chance to play a more regular role elsewhere.


No question the obvious play here is to try to entice the bottom payrolls in the league to bite: Buffalo, Detroit and Ottawa come to mind. It just so happens the contracts of Ryan Callahan and Clarke MacArthur have come off the books in Ottawa so perhaps there’s a way to get the Sens interested but only if the Canucks pay up with another asset. And that’s another issue. The Canucks already are without their first- and second-round picks this year. Can they entice a team with a 2021 second-rounder?


It cost Toronto a first-round pick to unload Patrick Marleau for cap reasons. I can’t imagine the Canucks could stomach that price to unload Eriksson.


Again, if you’re Ottawa, Buffalo or Detroit, the appeal here is that Eriksson at $2.5-million in real cash this year and next can actually warrant third-line duty. He’s a smart and decent player in that role.  And you’ve got lots of cap room if you’re those teams.


Food for thought.


Source: Pierre Lebrun



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2 minutes ago, qwijibo said:

Nobody “gave him” anything. He was signed as a free agent.  It didn’t work out. That happens.  But it’s not like Vancouver did him a huge favour and he had no other options in free agency. 

Vancouver did him the favour of getting to bask in the glory of our lord and saviour Elias Pettersson 

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1 minute ago, nux4lyfe said:

Honestly, At this point I'd give up a first to unload him..Dude has no value but a price tag.

It would be good to try and get a solid player if we're gonna do that. I would be willing to give Virtanen/Gaudette/Stecher as well if we were able to do that.


We'd have to give up more but if we got a good piece now and moving forward I would want to do it.

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I think Ottawa is the most obvious option.


With the wildcard there being how cheap ass whatshisface is.


In real, economic terms LE represents cold, hard cash savings via his 2.5 million for 6 million cap hit.

Everyone may perceive the leverage to be in Ottawa's hands, but realistically, there may be some underlying demand for these type contracts particularly under the economic circumstances.


Personally - I think there 'should' be a compliance buyout under the circumstances - to keep teams icing better products where it matters.


Ottawa has 5 forwards under contract at this point.  And 4 defensemen.  Both Anisimov and Gaborik also only have 1 year of term remaining.


So there could be the possiblity of doubling up - adding Benn, for example, to a deal.

Best case scenario they could move LE, Benn and a Roussel in one go....if it took adding a good prospect or decent pick, so be it.

On the other hand, if the team manages to sign their 3 UFAs within the cap, is there really much need to spend a lot?  Not necessarily.

Beyond our 3 I'd really only be looking at a depth signing like Richardson - perhaps dumping a moveable contract for next to nothing.

I think the pickle Benning is supposed to be in might be a bit overstated in general.  I'm not sure they have to bother moving LE to get it done.

What about Roussel and Benn to Ottawa for a minor leaguer.....that imo is/could be easy enough - and gain them the space they need, with replaceable veteran depth.

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