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[Speculation] Jake Debrusk might be available.

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Scrappy boston Winger, Jake Debrusk might be available as it seems like Boston is not willing to make an offer to the young rfa.   Last season he scored 27 goals in 2019 in his second NHL year this recent one he scored 19, numbers are similar to Jakes Virtanens.   I wouldn't mind a straight up trade jake for jake if so.  He can actually fit in a top 6 role. 

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could be bs too now that I think about it..... the best I do is Jake for Jake one for one, Debrusk is better offensively but does not really come close to the physical game Jake brings.  They also had the exact same amount of points, Virtanen doing it as a 3rd liner, Debrusk had a 27 goal season last year, Debrusk is more suited for a 2nd line winger role, Virtanen for his physical game.

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1 hour ago, SILLY GOOSE said:

DeBrusk for Boeser would you do it

Nope, hes smaller / lighter , never out produced BB in terms of points..and if you are going to trade our top  young winger you better be fixing the hole on D.





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