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[Rumour] Alex Pietrangelo to test free agency

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4 minutes ago, qwijibo said:

JB is going to have to pull off some magic to find the cap space to sign him, ice a full competitive lineup this season , and still have cap to sign Hughes and Pettersson next year. 

nah. Sutter is gone after next year and thats more than 1/2 of Pietrbngelo's salary right there. It would be costly to move Rousel but would be worth it. 

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At 10 million you could trade Eriksson with a high pick (May have to be a first) and not sign Tanev.  Over ten mill right there.  Basically makes the pick you trade with Eriksson the acquisition cost.

Somthing to the effect of:


Hughes Pietrangelo 

Edler Myers

Joulevi Fantenberg


Likely let Stecher walk too to free up cap.

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Doubt the Canucks could get it done.


We could let Stecher and Tanev go, trade Jake's rights somewhere,  and sign Pietrangelo,  promote Juolevi or Rafferty to fill one of the holes on D,  and maybe Hoglander or Lind will be ready next season to fill Jake's roll?


Pietrangelo is probably 9 million bucks.  Doubt we can pull it off.

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