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[Rumour] Canucks will not retain $ or add a sweetener for Loui to be moved


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8 minutes ago, Squamfan said:

is jim smoking that herb, dude no team is taking erikkson of our hands for free. what a incompetent gm

Is Jim smoking that herb? Dude, no team is taking Eriksson off our hands for free. What an incompetent GM.


Fixed that for you. Thanks for the headache.

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Just now, billabong said:

Its a negotiation people


He needs to start there in hopes a team will actually start with that in the negotiations cause of his low cash money he is owed


I wouldn't attach a 1st, podkolzin, or hoglander to any sweetener deal either and thats probably the ask right now.



it's not just a negotiation with other teams....


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23 minutes ago, VegasCanuck said:

I don't see a trade on Loui. I said earlier here, I like Benning's approach here, he's putting Loui in a box and forcing him to find a way out. This team has been incredibly patient with Loui, we vastly overpaid him vs how he has actually performed for us. 


My guess is, Benning has set a deadline for Loui's agent, to find a suitable solution, or Benning will assume that Loui is just going to spend the next 2 seasons in the AHL, probably riding the press box down there.


If this is what Benning is doing, I can't tell you how much I love it. I would do cartwheels right now if I could. We don't save enough if we buy him out this season, we get more cap relief sending him to Utica.


Its time for Loui to do this team, which has been unbelievably good to him, a favor and either terminate the remainder of the contract or just retire.

A favour that costs him $5m? Does that seem like a reasonable thing to ask? 

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To do the math here:


If no one will take LE:  it means that no one considers him worth the 2.5 per for 6 m cap hit that they'd have to pay him....

When you realize it that way - even in a climate where teams may need to artificially, financially reach the cap floor...

if he hasn't even held up his side of the deal by those terms....

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1 hour ago, EP40. said:

I don’t understand why people think Rick is not a trustworthy insider anymore when he reports on bad news for the team. He literally has contacts and gets in touch with them that no others in the business do. It’s coming from Eriksson’s agent having spoken with him.


Don’t get this at all. Good news = he’s great. Bad news = he’s a troll. Pick one b/c imo, he’s doing the same as he’s always done and he’s respected among all his peers for it.



He puts up his stuff in the public domain.  Both reports & provides commentary.  Someone else already mentioned tagging tweets meant to inflame? Cough, commentary.


It will attract attention.  Good and bad.  Anything inflammatory will cause some to question why it was posted.

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If Eriksson were to agree to termination...


He will have been paid 7.75 per year over the last 4 years, in which his performance relative to a 6 million cap - was already horrible...


And other teams would evidently not find him worth 2.5.....


Just hang them up.

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This is the right approach. We should not be doing Erickson any favors here. If we have to eat the $5mill cap for the next two years with him riding pine down in Utica, we do it. 

It will suck to lose Marky and Tanev but really losing those two ain't the end of the world. 


We might lose Marky anyways to UFA with or without Erickson and will definitely lose one of Marky or Demko next year. 

Tanev has been a warrior for us but that backend has to change and given his age, Tanev will not be worth whatever contract he gets this off season in two years. 

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34 minutes ago, oldnews said:

Florida would still have to pay LE over those two years though - so don't you have to subtract LE's salary from what remains owing on Stralman's (10 of 11 million).  LE is still 'owed' 1 million base salary this year, and 3 next, +1m signing bonus...so wouldn't Florida gain 5 million dollars, plus 2 x .500 in cap space?

It depends what the value for Stralman is. Stralman has been speculated to be one of the league's top 20 buyout candidates in multiple analyses. The remainder of Eriksson's contract would only cost them 1M more than a buyout for Stralman total, and they would need to sign a winger for both those seasons as well.

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