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On 9/23/2020 at 5:45 AM, DrJockitch said:

Man, I was worried this wasn't about the British Broadcasting Corp.

As always Dr. Who.

I liked the third and fourth Doctors (Pertwee and Baker), Eccleston had an interesting take but one season of him was enough. Tenant, Smith and even Capaldi were fairly good, but the story arcs seemed to be much more companion driven than they had been in the past. This wasn't necessarily bad, I just find it weird to have the main character relegated to a secondary role on an ongoing basis.


The X-Mas specials were always something to look forward to, the "Last Christmas" episode had a lot of great moments.


The current mess lost me pretty much during the first half of the Whitaker season one. The choices made for story lines in this incarnation of "Dr. Who" are appaling, in particular the how Timelords became Timelords episode, but I won't say any more on that ("Spoilers..." - River Song). I also find this incarnation of the Doctor to be a very unpleasant and unsympathetic character.


While messaging was always kind of there in "Dr. Who", it has never before been so heavy handed, so much so that the story gets lost under the propaganda.


Otherwise, yah, I like Dr. Who.  :)


                                                            regards,  G.

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