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How Much Power Does Chris Gear Have?

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Promoted on Jan 7 to Assistant General Manager from being in an advisory committee position.

He is described as having contract and cap management.


I wonder because Benning has not negotiated or signed a single contract in 12 months now.


You would think that a decision between Markstrom and Demko would have been solved well before February 1 and Markstrom signed well before his contract ran out. Covid was an unknown back then so that is not a reason.

But then all contracts are being allowed to run out even in the front office.


Under Benning the team value has dropped by over a quarter of a billion dollars, he has spent well over 500 million on player and front office contracts and the team's win loss record is pretty dismal over a 7 year period.

That is pretty significant amount of money the Aquilini's have allowed Benning, pretty much unrestricted.


So along comes Chris Gear, basically a cap guy that was also writing up contracts for Benning, doing the legal work, following instructions and now he in charge of getting control of finances.


I wonder just how much say he has now? Benning has never restrained himself with contracts over the last 7 years so is Gear in charge of that part now?

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We can speculate, but I don't think anyone who's not working towards the top of the Canucks organization really has an answer to that question 


I would imagine the role of an AGM varies from team management structure to team management structure as well, which makes the weight he holds in the Canucks management group even tougher to nail down 


Haven't really heard anything about him since his promotion 

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4 minutes ago, Lazurus said:

missed the key 12 months

there doesn't seem anything at all unusual about there not being any contracts signed in the last 12 months since there hasn't been an offseason in that time. 


that's my thought, anyway. 

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Not sure "power" is the correct word ; It would be  more a question of what duties he performs.  He is the point man on contract negotiations, I believe, and he probably has some communication with agents and works on structuring of deals and figuring out what is "doable" in terms of cap compliancy.

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