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[Buyout] Bobby Ryan


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23 hours ago, Provost said:

If we don't move Eriksson, it will be annoying.

They could have done something creative like swap Ryan at 50% retained for Eriksson.  Ottawa would have spent $12.5 million vs. the full $15 million plus they would have a player to play on the roster for two years which is worth another $2 million for them.  Buying out Ryan costs them $11.3 in real dollars plus filling that roster spot for two years.

Ottawa comes out ahead in our deal and Eriksson playing for them compared with buying our Ryan and we would have gotten $2.375 in cap savings along with Ryan as a depth forward.

That is, if Ottawa isn't suddenly trying to use this weird offseason to actually rebuild quickly by taking on contracts of good players from strapped teams (a la Killorn, Stepan, and a slew of unqualified RFAs)

So you liked my proposal after all! :lol:

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Doesn't seem plausible if the aim is to save money.  Eriksson costs 5M still.  They are only saving 3.67M by buying out Ryan.  


i.e. buying out Ryan + adding Eriksson is more than simply keeping Ryan.  

Eriksson is $12mil of cap with only $5mil Actual dollars owed though 

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