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[Buyout] Henrik Lundqvist

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Tough way to end a stellar career with that team.

I wonder if he will hang them up or try another gig as a back up on a contending team.  He is pretty much done, but that experience in the room could be really useful.  Yet another goalie on the pile of free agents and trade bait this offseason.  I take Lundqvist over Holtby (but preferably neither of them).

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Sign him JB 


He played 30 games last year. If he can give us that its good. Won't be full 82 game season anyways. Demko takes 40 or 45.


He'll be super motivated and super cheap. Plus great veteran presence in the room for Demko and all the other kids...


He won't cost much at all.

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King Henrik getting bought out. Ya hate to see it. I'd take him on a 1 or 2 year 2m per deal assuming a Marky deal isn't happening. Lots of backup goalie options out there it seems. Making a Marky deal less and less important. It'd be nice to have Marky. Someone to expose in the expansion draft and to give Demko one more year of backup before full time starter. But running a King Henrik/Demmer duo wouldn't be too bad. At least on paper it looks solid.

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7 minutes ago, Caboose said:

Oh man this sucks. Fans complain about no loyalty from players but look at the loyalty a franchise shows to one of its all time greats. Players should never be afraid to take the money.

It most certainly is a two way street. I hate to see it end for him like this, but there is a global pandemic, a flat cap and his play hasn’t been the same. I don’t think too many players are afraid to take the money. True loyalty in hockey from players or teams is the exception not the rule. 

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What would his ask be?

I was thinking 2x4, but maybe he'd take even less?


Vancouver seems like a pretty perfect fit for him. Classiest city in Canada (I know Toronto is the "New York of Canada", but we've got more class), long history of Swedes.

You'd have to think his professionalism would rub off on Demko, but also the young Swedes like Petey and potentially Hoglander.


He's just not that great of a goalie anymore. He really would be a 1B.

Like, if we're targeting Holtby for a similar term and pricetag, he's considerably better at this stage. 

We'd only go after Lundqvist if he's looking for short term and a really palatable AAV. Basically, only if we can sell him on riding out his career in beautiful British Columbia.

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