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On 10/7/2020 at 3:19 PM, Ray_Cathode said:

Vancouver uses Larionov as a scout, no? He was 5’9 160 soaking wet, one of the best two way centres of his era. Maybe he can help with this kid’s defensive play. Larionov rarely hit anyone, but he neutralized Lindros in his prime with great positioning.

Larionov will coach Russia in 2021 World Junior Championship, he was assistant in 2020. 

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Here is an interview with Dmitri Zlodeev, September 26/2020, I like what I see and what he is saying so far, only 18 but nice gamble pick for Canucks in 6th round, enjoy ! 


Dmitry Zlodeev is a graduate of the hockey school of Moscow Dynamo. This season, in the first three matches, he scored three goals. The villain is only 18 years old, but he has already managed to make a name for himself at the international level, having won the Glinka/Gretsky memorial and the World Challenge Cup - U18 with the Russian junior team. In an interview, the striker said why he did not consider his productive start ideal, how he ended up in the blue and white system and what he expects from the upcoming NHL draft.



- The new season of VHL started. You've played a few matches. What emotions?

- The whole team missed hockey. The training camp was held in one breath! We work hard. Emotions are only the best.

- In the first three games you scored three goals. Is this the perfect start?

- I can't call it the perfect start, since from these three games we lost two. First of all, team results are important for me, not personal ones.

- You conceded to "Toros." At the same time, Dynamo shows good hockey. What does the team lack?

- Probably, disciplines. We're working on it. After each match, we watch the video - we work out the mistakes. The coaching staff does a great job.

- Whether the club is very embarrassed by tournament position of the team? Or do everyone know that you will add and the main thing now is to work on your game?

- We don't look at the standings now. The results are not the best, but we work and give all our best in each game to score maximum points. I'm sure everything will come.

- The first match you started in the fourth line, but then you were "lifted" in the first. Rarely this happens when a junior is immediately put in the leading three attacks.

- Without any difference, in what line you play - everywhere should show the result. The fact that they put me in the top line is that there is nothing extraordinary. I am playing my hockey, my best game, I play for the team.

- Quickly found mutual understanding with Raisov and Ivanov?

- They are older than me - suggested what and how to do on ice. Told how their line works. Quickly turned into an infusion. We are constantly working and trying to get better.

- How does the line work? Did you have to change something in your game?

- By and large no. Raisov and Ivanov play combination hockey. Just showed some of the chips and standards they make. I looked at them, understood them, and we began to apply it in the game.

- In "Dynamo" there is a division into defensive and attacking trio?

- All four lines at us perform the same function. There is no division.

- You keep in touch with boys from junior national team of Russia?

Yes, sure. We have a very friendly team. It is a pity that they failed to go to the junior world championship, they were very upset. And so we constantly keep in touch with the guys, we communicate. Congratulations on each other's debut, for example.

- Do you think there were chances to take gold?

- Yes, one hundred percent! We have a very strong team. We took both the Glinka/Gretzky Memorial and the Challenge Cup. So there was a chance of gold. Another option was not considered.

- How is the situation with the NHL draft?

- On October 6 and 7, the draft will take place. On the 6th - the first round, on the 7th - the second and subsequent. I will follow, since the draft is one of the defining events in my career.

- Will you watch the online conference?

- No, I will sleep, as draft will take place at night, and  our season  started- it is necessary to observe the regime, to keep myself in tone. In the morning I will find out the results.

-Disappointment, that everything will pass in video format?

- Of course, I wanted to fly in, see all the guys in a festive atmosphere. But health is more important.

- NHL scouts ask mostly household questions when interviewing, right?

"Yes, it is. There are minimum questions about hockey.

- How you ended up in the Dynamo system? You took your first hockey steps at the Burana.

- Yes, but I am a graduate of Dynamo school. At the age of 13, I moved to Moscow. We had a strong team, the coaches of this club gave me a very good boost.

- Why chose "Dynamo"?

- Firstly, a good trainer. Secondly, it was the best team in the country in my year of birth. I wanted to try my hand.

- The game with "Buran" will be fundamental for you?

"No. I only hope that the matches will then be held with the audience, and parents will be able to come to the game. And so, I prepare for all opponents in the same way.

- You lived in Moscow in boarding school?

"Yes. Parents have a job in Voronezh. Dynamo has created all the conditions for your development: food, accommodation - everything at the highest level. It was always possible to go and practice additionally, for example.

- In Krasnogorsk better than in Tver?

"The Ice Palace is newer. And so I liked in Tver. We train in Novogorsk, and play in Krasnogorsk. Go for 20 minutes.

- What music in your locker room plays?

- Generally different. Maybe rock, rap and other genres.

"What kind of music are you listening to before the game?"

- Mostly rock. Something like Sum41.

- Do you have time to follow the Stanley Cup final?

"I watch the results in the morning. After all, we have training, and we need to rest properly, recover. So to speak, plus or minus I follow.

- Who impresses you in the NHL?

- Kucherov now plays very well. Radulov likes his emotionality, charge for the game. All Russians who play in the NHL are worthy of respect.

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As with certain Russian/overseas players, some of them ultimately might not ever step foot on North American soil. I feel like Dmitri Zlodeyev will be one of those. In fact, recent comments by Podkolzin don't really give me a certain confidence that he might come over either. Then again, it's probably because they talk about what's happening to them now, as opposed to a year from now.

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On 10/8/2020 at 11:58 AM, Quantum said:

I don't get the Anti Russia bias in Vancouver?


There's a ton of great Russian players in the NHL right now.


Only the mediocre or aging Russians run back to the KHL. Ask Capitals fans, they aren't complaining about having a Russian heavy lineup right now. 


Nikita left because he didn't want to go to Utica and because the Canucks weren't gonna gift him a Top 4 spot. He didn't want to work and earn his spot, so he took the easy path and went back to his old KHL team -- and he hasn't been lights out since going back. He's been okay. If he wasn't 6'7" -- he wouldn't be on anybody's radars.


And because we drafted Zlodeyev out of the KHL league system, we actually have his rights indefinitely which means we can sign him anytime between now until he retires (or we renounce his rights -- fun fact: DMITRY ZHUKENOV is still in our system despite being a 2015 pick). So there's plenty of time to figure out what type of player he will become.


I like Zlodeyev's intangibles after looking into him and he's someone worth checking in on in the next few years. I think with Podkolzin coming over next year, it's going to be important to have a few Russians in the lineup for him. I expect to see the Canucks draft at least one Russian player every year for the next few years -- it just makes sense -- and Gillis avoiding Russian players was stupid then and is still stupid now -- he allowed a lot of great players in the draft pass by him because of that.

I can't say for sure, but I think that Vancouver's paranoia with Russians started way back with Krutov.  He was an all-world player until he came to Vancouver and ate himself out of the lineup.  That was both unexpected and painful.  And then just when it became clear that Larianov was the brains behind the KLM line, and definitely a keeper, he left.  Bure played great for us for a while but he didn't stick around either.  And then when Tryamkin bolted back home I think it reminded us long time fans of previous disasters.  Yes, there are good Russian players in the NHL but as far as the Canucks are concerned we've had bad luck with our share of the Russians.  It's not rational as each player should be evaluated on his own terms but who says that fans are rational?  Go Canucks Go!

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On 10/16/2020 at 11:37 AM, Pavel the Bure said:

"What kind of music are you listening to before the game?"

- Mostly rock. Something like Sum41.

Makes no difference to me

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10 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

Makes no difference to me

Guess his coach told him he'd get a 'Fat Lip' if he stayed up past his curfew

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