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[Report] Anthony Duclair not qualified, rejects 'substantial raise' from Ottawa

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Just now, Dazzle said:

It's worth noting that Duclair really only did score 2 goals in the last 29 games. He went almost three months without scoring (from December 21, 2019 to March 16th, 2020), and then another month without scoring. He's streaky. The 20+ goal season is kind of misleading.

good point.  forgot about that.


in any event, not a player I'd be interested in - but understandable why Snottawa would not qualify him and commit themselves to the contingencies of arbitration

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10 minutes ago, oldnews said:

Scoring 23 goals, 2nd on his team - might tend to give a player that impression....

just a handful of forwards who had as much ice time as him - and one of them (Pageau) was dealt


It might make sense to avoid qualifying him though - if they fear he takes those points to arbitration....


"substantial", though is relatively ambiguous - who knows what that offer actually is/was.

I say third liner because he's terribly inconsistent in his career.


And like you say arbitration could have him earning 4.5 a bit too much for a third line winger

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Duclair really is an inconsistent player. Sure, he had a career year, but if one was to look at his second best year in AZ (20 goals), he could have a monster game in one game, or go weeks/months without a goal.

It's not that he's useless. He's extremely inconsistent. If he wants another payday, he has to prove he can do than just season of 20 goals. He has to be consistent, which he has yet to prove so far.

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6 minutes ago, Chickenspear said:

I doubt arbitration had anything to do with it. Seeing as how he turned down a "substantial" amount (from last years salary of $1.65m), I'd guess it would have been above what arbitration would have been. This is just a case of a player wanting to get the hell out of a sinking ship. 


To your other point of them worrying if he's a top 6 guy, I'd say him and Tkachuk the closest they have to it. They are the top 6. 

It's hard to even tell what substantial means. The difference from 1.7 and 3.5 is substantial in my eyes. And arbitration could be a mixed bag. Over a full season Duclair is close to 30 goals this past season. We know arbitrators lean heavily into stats. They could very well have awarded him 4+. We were worried about 18 goal scoring Virtanen hitting 3.5+. Why wouldn't a 23 goal guy get 4+?


And being in their top 6 last season doesn't mean much given they drafted top 5. Is he top 6 on a contending team is my point. They may not believe that to be the case. So why pay him such? They likely offered him around 3-4mil, he being a proud player who just scored 23 goals likely wants more money. An agent may have convinced him to stay at a more fair price. Say what you will about Ottawa's past, but they have been rebuilding a very solid team and added a Conn smythe winning goalie that is in his prime. 

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