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[Buyout] Alexander Wennberg

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Just now, Warhippy said:

You can see the fall off in points from Torts taking over to his buyout


I'd 100% take this kid over Turris on a cheap deal.  Doesn't take many penalties at all, let alone bad ones.  Would be a decent pick up

I’d be happy with either one to be honest, Wennberg or Turris.  

Good point about Torts, I forgot he was in Columbus.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see Josh Anderson hit 25 goals for Montreal too. 

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I dont usually get overly excited about bought out players and hope we sign them for cheap. But Wennberg is a guy I’d love us to take a chance on. If in fact we could make a trade with Sutter moving in an OEL-deal, I’d like to see a guy like Alex fighting for a spot on the 3rd line (for cheap of course)

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4 minutes ago, Robert Long said:

explains why Jim's being patient, doesn't it? 

Yeah, other than that I'm anxious/excited for the OEL deal to hopefully happen, I'm not sure why so many are otherwise panicking about our pending UFA's etc.


We've recently seen proof of players declaring their desire to come here and we have a once in a lifetime, freak free agency where we might be able to grab younger, cheaper and better players than usual. This is like Christmas for Jim.

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I feel some other teams like Winnipeg, Minnesota, Buffalo, Rangers, and LA might be able to offer him a 2 C position where I think he best fits.


I would love to go after him, but unless this OEL deal gets resolved, I don't see the Canucks dipping their hands in.


Once the OEL thing is resolved, gotta resolve the goalie situation with Marky, find a several Dman, and move out cash... 

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