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[General Discussion] 2020 Free Agency

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Pete M

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Just now, Shift-4 said:

You're an hour early :P 

Lol...Calgary time, I've been flying back and forth to Vancouver....don't know what time zone I'm in half the time...lol

but the Early bird gets the worm...

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5 minutes ago, Stelar said:

This hasn't really been a time of strength for JB.....

Sure hasn't been and sure doesn't seem like it will be this time either.  He has the chance to surprise, so I'll wait on the final outcome.  Based on who joins the Canucks, we'll know if he made his master plan work or if he was left scrambling at the end.  Not securing OEL will be a big sign of the latter.

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I think Jim is going with some Utica players...he needs to lose some dead money to sign Toffoli and another (Tanev)...if anything.

Signing Wennberg would be good if they get him cheap.

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1 minute ago, naslund.is.king said:

Marky going to Edmonton is gross but for a max contract (term) they can have him

This is horrible if it happens, but I suppose the Canucks skaters have a really book on him and know his tendencies. Also, Marky won't have Ian Clark. 

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