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[Signing] Flames sign Jacob Markstrom

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1 minute ago, Provost said:

If true, that is horrible.


Also, if he left just for one extra year and no more AAV, then the guy can go screw himself and I hope he is terrible there.


If the guy cashed in, good on him.  If he wasn’t willing to do any discount at all for here then good riddance.

The Fourth Perid :rolleyes:


Attention to details.

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3 minutes ago, NHL97OneTimer said:

Sucks to lose another top player (MVP) for nothing.  Losing him given the circumstances is understandable.  Losing him for nothing stinks.  I'm happy Demko wasn't given away for another $8M/yr salary though.  If JB strengthens the D in a big way in the offseason, this will all be forgotten.  Signing Pietrangelo and keeping Tanev would sure hit the spot right now.

Lol, Pietrangelo will cost 8.5 per. Probably more as we would need to outbid Vegas Toronto and St Louis. Not happening. 

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I know it was a fake report, but still.

Term and NMC... and cost of living in alberta.

1. $4.5M in AB is $5M in BC.

2. We did not want Markstrom for another 4 years. 

3. We did want to give Markstrom a NMC, which would directly correlate to us losing Demko and relying on a 30+ year old goalie to carry this young core indefinitely.

If it turns out to be 4x$4.5M with an NMC. I think it's a good deal for Marky, a good deal for Calgary... and a deal I'm happy we didn't sign.

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1 minute ago, peaches5 said:

JB was pretty mum about Demko immediately after the playoffs and he said something like he was going to talk to Ian Clarke about the goaltending situation next year and then 3-4 days later after talking to Clarke he made it clear Demko was the future... To me that says that Ian Clarke make it clear that Demko was the goalie to go forward with. If Ian Clarke wanted Demko over Markstrom that tells you all you need to know.

+1 sir!!!

I've mentioned it before.... Demko is a great human as well.  Met him in Shawnigan Lake prospect camp.  He was engaging humble mature and down to earth young man.  Was really impressed.  Super excited for him!  Especially having Ian (Merlin) Clarke guiding the way.

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12 minutes ago, Ghost of Sacrilage said:

Love how suddenly its all Ian Clarke. Reality is hes a great G and if he sinks its because of the crap put around him.

We lost a good goalie. And understandably so. He deserves every cent he gets, but suddenly turning on him is just silly.

Was the 'muahaha' not an indication of some jest? :blink:


Jebus dude, lighten up.

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3 minutes ago, Chip Kelly said:

Markstrom is a fiery guy surprised he went with the Flames instead of the Oilers though.


Always thought he would stick in the division.

Why? Edmonton is the absolute worst, i mean calgary is still a garbage place to live but it is better then edmonton

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