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[proposal] Offer sheet - Ethan Bear

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[proposal] Offer sheet - Ethan Bear

Over the last few days, most would agree that we’ve played the role of Vanna White to Calgary’s Pat Sajak as they’ve signed away three of our players.


Now?  Perhaps it’s our turn to wear the proverbial big boy pants and put the Oilers through the ringer.


The Oilers have about 730K in cap space and need to sign their tough, defensively strong, and mobile 23 year old dman in Ethan Bear.   

I say we offer sheet him.   If Alberta is taking Markstrom and Tanev from us, then we’re taking some good ol’ Bear meat.    Put the kid beside Hughes and let him be the Ying to Hughes’ Yang for the next 10 years.   A young solid defensively responsible and tough kid to play alongside our budding superstar.  

Sounds like a good deal to me.   I don’t think the Oilers would be able to match.

p.s.  Offer sheeting Cernak is also tempting to me, but I don’t think Tampa’s cap problems are as severe as people are making them out to be.  Tampa can win without Stamkos.  If Tampa truly wants to commit to guys like Cernak, Sergachev, Cirelli, etc., then all they’d really have to do is move Stamkos for a high pick or prospect, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Stammer would have many suitors even if he’s no longer the player that he once was.




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