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[Proposal] I hate the Leafs so...

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...let's take advantage of their current cap situation...


They have 22 players on their roster (12F + 8D + 2G) and only $0.4m in cap space. They want to resign LW/RW Mikheyev - an RFA with arbitration rights. They will probably send one of their ELC Dmen down to save another $0.9m and then low ball Mikheyev for a $1.25m contract.


Why not offer sheet him to a $1.439m contract? I can't see the Leafs able to match. The pick compensation is a measly...nothing.


And if we can't afford Toffoli it might be a nice way to take a flyer on a big young Russian winger, 6'3", scoring at 0.58 pts/gm, while screwing the Leafs at the same time.


Could be a nice fit on Horvat's right flank...


If nothing else we make the Leafs have to urgently trade him for scraps to avoid the offer sheet.

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1 minute ago, NHL'er said:

They can go 10% above the cap so will match... Just pisses them off and makes JB look like a dycke 

They can go 10% above cap but then they still have to move him or another contract out to fit.


Oh yeah this is ME doing that, not JB! I know JB wouldn't do it, but I'd do it to piss them off.

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Mikheyev would not sign this offer


He also literally can't since he filed for arbitration


Toronto would match it happily if he did


Would be unprofessional for Benning to do this just because U hate the Leafs


Would Mikheyev be a cool trade target for Horvat's wing? Yes

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